Chandelier 1


White, crystal, and wrought iron chandelier. 14" high and 11" wide.



White Flower wall at night with uplighting

Set of two small but bright uplights with color options


Personalized Monogram

20 inch monogram with one or three initials and painted with the color of your choice. You can also choose encircled or letter only. This item is personalized and is for customers to keep.


Eucalyptus Garlands

We now have 20 lush, artificial eucalyptus garlands. They are each 6' long and can be easily placed end to end to create longer garland pieces. They are great as long centerpieces or as an accessory for any of our arches or canopies 


LOVE Monogram

Encircled, gold, Philadelphia style "LOVE" monogram. Diameter is 18" and pairs well with our small flower and hedge walls. 


Boxwood LOVE Letters

These beautiful boxwood letters would be a great addition to a flower wall or could even be used alone as decor for a table. Each letter is approximately 17" tall.


Chandelier 2

5 lights, 19" high, 19" wide. Fine crystal chandelier.  This chandelier is the perfect luxury accessory for our arches and canopies.


"it was always you"

This sign is approximately 30" Wide x 20" tall and is made from 1/4" thick MDF Wood